WordPress Website for an author

Here is a WordPress website for an author: http://www.sjmaclean.com/ http://www.sjmaclean.com/about/ http://www.sjmaclean.com/art_and_craft/conflict-and-drama/ http://www.sjmaclean.com/sjmaclean/art_and_craft/second-person-point-of-view-in-fiction/ http://www.sjmaclean.com/sjmaclean/2015/10/ The WordPress website is under WordPress security by Covertise.

21st Century Job Hunting

For many fields, the 21st century job seeker benefits from having an online resume. First, get a blog. Blogger and WordPress are free online hosts for blogs where you can post your resume. Have pages that link to different projects or a page of great c…

How To Create Affiliate Niche Sites Using WordPress

Back in 2009, my friends at Unique Blog Designs (they’re the ones who designed John Chow dot Com) created Affiliate Theme , the affiliate niche site creation tool for WordPress.

Cyber Monday Deal 50% Off Hosting & Free WordPress

If you’ve been kicking yourself because you missed the HostGator Black Friday sale , you’re in luck because HostGator is doing it again for Cyber Monday! However, this is absolutely the last time this deal will happen.

Max Bean’s Blurty

Max Bean’s Blurty [Most Recent Entries] [Calendar View] [Friends] Below are the 1 most recent journal entries recorded in Max Bean ‘s Blurty: Saturday, June 18th, 2011 12:57 am Link Constructing Recommendations For Finding Pertinent Backlinks Due to the fact making backlinks to your website is by far the most crucial aspect of any web [...]


linkfrenzy101 Jun 18, 2011 at 10:00 o\clock Url Generating Pointers For Obtaining Applicable Backlinks by: maxbewer Given that producing hyperlinks to your internet site is by far the most crucial facet of any world wide web advertising and marketing campaign, it’s imperative that you uncover methods to not only assemble as many hyperlinks back again [...]

Creating Recommendations Acquiring Related June Url Backlinks Website Link Inbound

Max s Blog Just another Friendster Blogs weblog Hello world! Url Creating Recommendations For Acquiring Related Backlinks Considering that making inbound links to your site is by far the most critical factor of any internet marketing campaign, it s essential that you come across approaches to not only develop as quite a few links back [...]

Making Guidelines Finding Pertinent Link Website Creating Web Site Can

Website link Creating Tips For Receiving Relevant Backlinks Saturday, June 18, 2011 Link Making Guidelines For Finding Pertinent Backlinks Because making backlinks to your internet site is by far the most critical factor of any world-wide-web advertising marketing campaign, it really is vital that you uncover methods to not only develop as quite a few [...]

How To Install WordPress â?? A Step By Step Video

I’ve decided to add to my step by step guide on how to install WordPress with a step by step video . Why? Because many people don’t like reading 1000 word long guides and would rather just sit in a nice comfy chair and watch a video on how it’s done. (…

The Free WordPress Installation Service Just Got Better

The response to my free WordPress installation service has been overwhelmingly positive and is the talk of the Blogosphere. Even WordPress founder, Matt M ullenweg , noticed. I know this because Matt emailed me to recommend some more pl ugins I should …