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Jonathan Collier’s Site Home Review Blog Photos Members Links Review Blog Back to Review Blog Older Entry | Newer Entry Transfer Through Periods New Roman, and Download Fonts For Flash to Spice Up Your Paperwork Posted by larrykale on June 22, 2011 at 7:09 AM There are a lot of fonts for Flash that will [...]

Google Has Stopped Punishing Jc Penney

Google has stopped punishing JC Penney for manipulating search results, engineer Matt Cutts has confirmed. In February, Google manually demoted Penney in search results because it discovered the company had been using so-called "black hat" search engine optimization tactics, like creating fake Web pages with thousands of links back to Penney sites. (8 hours ago) is a web page monitoring tool by ChangeDetect used to track web pages for relevant content updates. went out of service sometime in August of 2010 wherein the website had no longer responded to web requests. is now hosted by ChangeDetect as of October 5, 2010. Visit ChangeDetect to add your favorites. [...]

Keywords: Web Page Monitoring

Here are some keywords for web page change monitoring and HTML differencing engines such as ChangeDetect: viewing changes web tracking viewing changes efficient implementation htmldiff heaviest common subsequence common subsequence problem html parser vo algorithm hcs algorithm web pages side by side html parser line matching algorithm starting tag ending longest common subsequence content starting [...]

Here Are 5 SEO Tips to Increase Website Traffic

When you optimize your web pages so Google can more easily find you, you’re sure to be found much more often when prospects are searching for your products or services. (7 hours ago)


Sitespector is now defunct, but was a relatively popular desktop software application that allowed you to monitor your favorite web-sites for updates and changes automatically. The service allowed its users to have a means for immediately getting the newest information published to a web-site, saving both time and money. Users received only the newest information [...]

InfoSpace aims to provide best search results

BANGALORE, INDIA: Accessing millions of web pages in not an easy job for any IT professional to search for a specify information. (1 hour ago)


monitor110 was a corporate intelligence tool used by institutional investors to track financial blogs, hidden content on web pages and industry web sites. Change monitoring was possible for websites with and without RSS feeds. As of August 2008, monitor110 is not in service and the monitor110 website no longer responds to web requests. Go to [...]

diffweb now points to ChangeDetect. ChangeDetect provides content monitoring services for corporate users including sales and marketing executives who use ChangeDetect to legally spy on the competition. With ChangeDetect it is easy to track changes to the web pages of competitors and even partners. ChangeDetect is a FREE service that has been providing reliable online [...] is now ChangeDetect. ChangeDetect provides content monitoring services for primarily tracking changes to web pages. ChangeDetect is a FREE service. Resources: webdiff web page monitoring webdiff is jist of this entry.