US Pork Industry Launches Online Defence of Antibiotics

The National Pork Board, an association of US pork producers, is launching an online campaign defending antibiotics use in livestock, as the practice was questioned by a television documentary.

Telecom Bharti Airtel Offers Indian Smbs Microsoft Office 365

August 29, 2012 — Telecommunications provider Bharti Airtel will offer Microsoft Office 365 to small and medium-sized businesses in India, according to several reports on Tuesday. This partnership comes a week after US telecommunications provider Spri…

Web Host HostGator Now Offering goMobi Mobile Website Builder to Customers

August 2, 2012 — HostGator, among the largest web hosting companies serving the consumer web hosting market, announced this week that it would begin offering the goMobi mobile website creating software to its customers, first in the US, and then inter…

Toolkit helps cyberthief skim $3.2M off US gov’t, others

By using various criminal toolkits, a Russia-based cybercriminal in his early 20s has managed to steal $3.2 million from major US corporations in six months, computer security firm Trend Micro said.

Landscaping Providers To Improve Your House | elliskigalo on Xanga

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Visage Inc. Offers Information Technology Outsourcing to US, UK and Canada

Visage Inc. can now offer Information Technology outsourcing services to its United States, Canada and United Kingdom clients. Software development, ecommerce and shopping cart solutions, iPhone and iPad application development, IT support, hosting and…

Web Study: TAG, Tiffany tops in digital competence

TAG Heuer and Tiffany and Co. top the watch and jewelry categories, respectively, in a new US study that measures luxury brands on their digital competence. (3 hours ago)

What Does the Credit Card Market Have in Common with a Peacock?

BOSTON—-Josh Frank, Senior Researcher, Center for Responsible Lending, says that credit card market structure in the US is inherently inefficient, and so market intervention has been and continues to be appropriate. (7 hours ago)

Looming Battle Over Online Privacy Strikes Fear in Publishers

New legislation, if passed in US congress next month, could drastically change how we use the internet. The bill, if enacted, would prevent websites from sharing information with unrelated third parties. (2 hours ago)

Huge Online Video Watching Surge this Summer

It’s possible that Michael Jackson and the Iranian protests may be the reason for July’s reported surge in online video watching, according to a recent report by e-Marketer. The report was based on information found in The Neilsen Co’s July 2009 Video Census, which was based on US-only online viewers. (1 hour ago)