PayPal Now Blocks You From Saving Your Login Password — PayPal Disables Autofill Settings of the Firefox Password Manager

PayPal has recently “upgraded” its login form. Now you are presented with a form field for your user name on one page. And then a form field for your password on the next page. To their initial credit, PayPal allowed users, for a time, to login using the “classic” login page. But this was just [...]

Amazon Associates Reporting Interface Changes Are Horrible and Wastes This Affiliate Hours of Time

A message today to Amazon Associates support: Can no longer download reports for 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014. Not good to remove stuff (with no notice) when you decide to upgrade to your new (but not better) reporting interface. Many of the “generated” reports are delayed and not even downloadable. Completely one-side changes and you [...]