Toolkit helps cyberthief skim $3.2M off US gov’t, others

By using various criminal toolkits, a Russia-based cybercriminal in his early 20s has managed to steal $3.2 million from major US corporations in six months, computer security firm Trend Micro said.

Real Estate Agents Getting Results & Triggering Internet Trend

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.—-Sell a house in 43 days in this market? A statistic like that stuns many home sellers and real estate agents. It’s being done across the country, including in the hardest hit U.S. real estate markets, through the power of Internet, specifically by naming Web sites after the property’s actual street address. (3 mins ago)

Epsilon Targeting Survey Identifies Brand Switching Trend: Less Risk Means More Switch

Frugal American consumers have jilted their favorite national brands for food, household, health and personal care products but are far more reluctant to switch to store brands on purchases for children and pets, according to the latest research from North American targeted marketing leader ICOM, a division of Dallas-based Epsilon Targeting. (2 hours ago)

Malware Tricking Search Engines, and You Too

Both McAfee and Trend Micro are warning about a recent bump in the use of SEO (search engine optimization) abuse as a tool in the spread of malware. (6 hours ago)

Seo: How To Properly Blog Your Online Popularity

The latest trend in improving your online popularity is through the use of blogs. These online diaries were once used to tell the rest of the world of your life’s experiences. (5 mins ago)

Retailers in step with trend shift focus to Web commerce

Retailers struggling in a weak economy are looking to boost Internet sales. Sometimes, they’re closing stores, delaying store openings or simply paying less attention to them. (10 hours ago)

Worrying Trend? Many Newspaper Web Sites Losing Eyeballs

NEW YORK Online newspapers are not attracting eyeballs fast enough, suggests a new report from Outsell Research. (2 days ago)