Sitespector is now defunct, but was a relatively popular desktop software application that allowed you to monitor your favorite web-sites for updates and changes automatically. The service allowed its users to have a means for immediately getting the newest information published to a web-site, saving both time and money. Users received only the newest information [...]

SCORE: Are you deriving any benefit from your company’s Web site?

I have invested a lot of time and money developing our company Web site. However, to the best of my knowledge, I can’t attribute one sale to this marketing tool. How do I turn our Web site into a selling site? (4 hours ago)

Internet Marketing Tips For Online Businesses

An online business requires a website that is easy accessible by its potential clients and customers. It’s useless to put up a page when no one knows that its there. Not only will this become a waste of your time and money, the business will not be able to achieve its goal of success and profit. (4 hours ago)

Why search engine optimisation is doomed

Advocates building quality content and only a few quality inbound links as the way to search engine optimization.