T-Mobile Deploys Link Condoms and Dumbs Down with Phone Only Customer Support

T-mobile is now using some type of ridiculous “spam guard” service for text messages that we are receiving on our phone. Links are now about three times longer than a normal URL. They include these ugly, unreadable codes that raise all types of privacy and security issues. All the while, T-Mobile remains oblivious. Perhaps even [...]

T-Mobile Plans to Use Google Android for Home Devices

According to a recent statement, T-Mobile is working on two separate new home devices a home phone and a tablet computer both powered by Google’s Android operating system for smartphones. The devices are scheduled to be launched early next year. (9 hours ago)

Google to Cut Back on Christmas Bonus

According to a story published on Bloomberg, because of the ongoing economic crisis Google employees will only receive a T-Mobile G1 smartphone instead of their usual cash bonus. (1 hour ago)

Samsung Might Release Android-Powered Phone in Q2 2009

According to several rumors that have been circulating in the latest hours, mobile phone maker Samsung would be on its way to release the second Android-powered smartphone through T-Mobile. (3 hours ago)