Yes, You Can Kick-start Your Own Seo Campaign. Here's How.

Newbie businesses can turn their inhouse staffers into website optimizers and social-media marketers for a while.

Weight Loss Niche Heavily Spammed by SEO Companies

Google calls many of these sites thin affiliate sites. Sites which offer very little in the way of content or value to the reader. You will see them advertising their lose weight fast products and services. Here are some videos walnut creek laser lipo walnut creek laser lipo walnut creek lipo laser walnut creek lipo [...]

Google Slap: A Rant by Somebody Who Should Know Better

The thing about Google is that they will abruptly remove your site from the Google index for apparently no reason. All of a sudden your site is attracting more interest amongst visitors and maybe even some buyers. You invest your hard earned money into producing unique content and you may even syndicate that content on [...]

What’s Changed With The Periodic Table Of Search Engine Optimization

We’ve updated our Periodic Table Of SEO Success Factors that was created in 2011 to add several new elements, drop a few, broaden it to include success factors? rather than just ranking factors? and adjusted weightings of several elements on the table.

Semlogic® Publicly Launches Highly Effective Search Engine Optimization Software

Software helps copywriters and website owners write SEO content without keyword stuffing. Leveraged as an in-house enterprise SEO solution for years, SEMLogic is now available to the public on a Software-as-a-Service Platform.Raleigh, NC April 22, 201…

Charming Charlie thinks locally with SEO

The fashion accessories store retailer increases its search visibility. Specialty retailer Charming Charlie operates more than 240 retail stores in the United States where it sells fashion accessories like scarves, jewelry and purses.

What Does Facebook Graph Search Mean For Seo?

Facebook has dominated the conversation in the tech world this week , but especially because of its unveiling of Graph Search. We’ve been waiting for years for Facebook to get into search? and take on Google,? and we

12 Valuable Tips for Video SEO Beginners

If you aren’t optimizing your videos to match what people are searching for, then your videos are likely to get lost and not reach their intended audience. Learn how to optimize your videos for more views, clicks, and first page results.

Evolving Your SEO: Moving Toward a Content Marketing Approach

Brands that learn how to evolve their approach to SEO and content to fit this new world will emerge on top. Here’s how to take an SEO perspective on content and merge it with content strategy, editorial, distribution, and planning.

Another New Search Engine Emerges: Zakta

In the ever-growing quest to find the perfect search engine, another has emerged that seems like it might be quite useful. We provide affordable SEO services to rank in Google, Yahoo, Bing and even in Baidu. Our off-page SEO techniques are in tandem wi…