How to Get to the Top of LinkedIn's Search Results

Let this LinkedIn expert show you the one thing you can do to dramatically improve your ranking on LinkedIn search.

How to Optimize Google Search Results for Pictures as Well as Words

SEO is not just about what is written. An SEO strategy for images is important for promoting, and protecting, your brand.

These simple elements can dramatically improve your ranking in search results

Search engine optimization is a matter of understanding how various combinations and rankings of words work together to raise your profile, says Cara Crosetti, Los Angeles-based account director and web specialist with Wickware Communications Inc. of …

Google Search Results Alert Users of DNSChanger Trojan Infection

Google is embarking on an awareness-raising program that will see it notify, via its own search results pages, roughly half a million users that they may be on the brink of losing their internet connection as a result of a malware infection.

Getting to the top of Google’s search results page

Every company wants to be the first listing in a Google search. Some spend thousands of dollars making sure their websites are search accessible. This process is called search engine optimization . It’s certainly legal and quite common.

Google Has Stopped Punishing Jc Penney

Google has stopped punishing JC Penney for manipulating search results, engineer Matt Cutts has confirmed. In February, Google manually demoted Penney in search results because it discovered the company had been using so-called "black hat" search engine optimization tactics, like creating fake Web pages with thousands of links back to Penney sites. (8 hours ago)

Advanced Search Engines – Providing Quality Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs)

Advanced search engines are useful in today’s society because many people like to use search engines to search for their favorite articles or conduct research on things ranging from apples to giraffes to rhinoceroses to zebras! All advanced search engines must have the same unique traits in order to provide their customers with the best [...]

A Lesson From the Indexing of Google Translate: Blocking Search Results From Search Results

Last year, Google published an SEO Report Card of 100 Google properties. In it, they rated themselves on how well the sites were optimized for search. (4 hours ago)

Google’s Gold Standard? Search Results Take Big Hit In New York Times Story

The New York Times has a great, detailed story out today about a merchant with an unusual marketing strategy: be mean to customers. Any publicity, even negative publicity, means a win with Google’s ranking algorithms. Is he right? Maybe. (1 hour ago)

InteliWISE’s Intuitive Search Starts Thinking as You Start Typing

InteliWISE Contextual Auto-Complete Search leverages existing enterprise site search results by anticipating a true customer intention and guiding customers to the right results much more accurately than traditional search engines. (2 hours ago)