Google begins penalizing search 'over-optimization'

Google is making a change to its search algorithm to penalize what the company's head of Web spam called "over-optimization" and instead favor websites with high-quality content and less refined search-engine optimization.

Google Secure Search shuts out SEO scammers

Google has started securing its search with a twofold process that can potentially shut out scammers who rely on search engine optimization to lure victims to their sites.

With Update to ‘Social Search,’ Google Embraces the Crowd

Google may have once scoffed at the idea that the world’s best neutral arbiter of information should be more people-centric. But now they are embracing it, with an update to Google Social Search. (4 hours ago)

A Lesson From the Indexing of Google Translate: Blocking Search Results From Search Results

Last year, Google published an SEO Report Card of 100 Google properties. In it, they rated themselves on how well the sites were optimized for search. (4 hours ago)

Search Engine Optimization Company One SEO Company Embraces New Dawn in Search with Google Instant?

One SEO Company is embracing the new Google feature to give clients more opportunity to obtain top page rankings. (9 hours ago)

Google unveils faster Internet search

SAN FRANCISCO: Internet powerhouse Google is giving Web searchers the thrill of speed with a turbocharged engine that displays suggested Web links as fast as a person can type. (4 hours ago)

Bing-powered Yahoo search: What’s the impact on Google?

A Bing-powered Yahoo is clearly a threat to Google’s bread and butter. It’s time to buy a new loaf of bread. (29 mins ago)

eBay Noticeably Absent from New Google Product Search Marketplace Program

Google announced the launch of its Product Search Marketplace Partner program and named its inaugural partner-marketplaces, but the big three are not whom observers might have expected. Google welcomed eBid, eCrater and Etsy into the program. (3 hours ago)

Google adds Caffeine jolt, its new search engine

Google Inc. unveiled a new search engine Tuesday that it says improves the size, speed and value of its premiere product. (16 mins ago)

Google Gives Presentation On Search Engine Optimization

The Google Grants Blog posted that they have given a presentation in their D.C. office on search engine optimization. The presentation was to help educate a group of issue campaign managers? on the principles of SEO. (21 hours ago)