Search engine gives brands unique information

When it comes to search most marketers are focused on keyword trends and search engine optimization. But there are other uses for search, primarily the ability to get real time information from local consumers. This is where Sency’s search engine separates itself from other, more traditional engines. (2 days ago)

CARE reaches donors by joining social, search

Marketers can reach more than just Facebook friends or Twitter followers with real-time messaging now that search engines index the latest updates from social media sites (23 hours ago)

Marketwire Launches NoticiasDigitales, the Newswire Industry’s First Real-Time Latin America Digital News Network;

Marketwire, a full-service newswire and communications workflow solutions provider, today announces the debut of NoticiasDigitales, the newswire industry’s first real-time business-to-consumer digital news service to publish Spanish-language news on Latin American websites. (2 hours ago)