Pro Step Marketing Acquires Realty Biz Coach

Denver, N.C.-based Pro Step Marketing, a provider of web marketing strategy and Interfusion Marketing? solutions, has announced that it has acquired Realty Biz Coach. Since 2006, Realty Biz Coach has provided educational materials, real estate marketin…

SEO and Real Estate Companies Helping Each Other in Progress

Real Estate marketing has gone from papers to cyberspace, as the internet gives the real estate market a significant boost to its surroundings. (5 hours ago)

Internet Real Estate Marketing Tips for Rookies of the Game

There are a lot to learn in the real estate business, especially now that the real estate market is taking hit, we all know that it is a cycle, sometimes it’s on the boom sometimes on the bust, but regardless of what kind of status the real estate market has there are still ways to survive in this kill or be killed business. (1 day ago)