Freelancer Dot COM Website Will Not Work Without Info Sharing with Google

Open letter to To the Developers of Freelancer: We have not used Freelancer for some time and are currently making heavy use other websites for sourcing talent. We logged in today to our Freelancer account only to learn that your website WILL NOT WORK without our agreeing to allow script access to our [...]

GoDaddy and Wild West Domains Latest Big Company Seduced by Google Recaptcha

Google’s Recaptcha service is taking the Internet by storm. The Google Recaptcha service has been around from some time and has been used extensively on small budget websites. Over the years, minor players without a development budget have downloaded the free libraries from Google and helped manage automated logins. While we do not agree with [...]

Is Twilio Sharing Customer Data with a Competitor?

We were never fans of Google Voice. Not sure why Google Voice never caught on, but it never felt right letting Google have even more data about our business and personal lives than they already do. When it comes to voice service, it may be better to simply trust the phone company. Or maybe even [...]

Equifax Data Breach and the Continued Potential to Inadvertently Share Customer Data

Equifax Potentially Sharing Customer Data With More Third Parties Worried you may be affected by Equifax’s massive data breach? The credit bureau has set up a site,, that allows you to check whether your personal information was exposed. But regulators are becoming concerned that the site could pose risks to consumers. As a result, [...]

How to get rid of Google APIs

From Reddit: I have a few questions about and how to block privacy-endangering web software. I am a backend software developer and Debian user, but I have no real clue about today’s web software; so when what I write is a bit naive, please don’t hesitate to correct me. The motivation for this is [...]