Message to Fiverr on sharing of Customer Data with Google and Facebook

A message to Fiverr in the same vein as what was posted about ooma. These companies just do not get it. So they abdicate important technology decisions to lazy software developers. Fiverr is not the only one doing this, but this Google grab is getting ridiculous and good companies are falling for it hook, line [...]

Eight reasons to choose Safari or Firefox

Joe Kissell thinks either Apple Safari or Mozilla Firefox should be your default browser. But how do you decide between these two Web heavy-hitters? Take a look at their strengths. (3 hours ago)

Mozilla Prefetch and Google Search Results

If you browse the web with Mozilla Firefox and search a phrase or keyword from Google, be aware that Google prefetches the first Google result. This has privacy implications and/or can be used for affiliate cookie stuffing by Google and/or others. Here is more information from Mozilla: Along with the referral and URL-following implications already [...]

Google Forced User Tracking through JavaScript and the “fp=” query string

We recently wrote an article about Google Spyware and are following up. In the Google Spyware article we discussed Mozilla Firefox “phoning home” to their rich benefactor, Google. While Google does not call the practice “phoning home”, Google defends the practice as a way to “help” the user. For some time now (and probably more [...]

Adobe Flash Phones Home Uncontrollably

We recently wrote an article about Google Spyware in which we basically complained about Mozilla Firefox phoning “home” to their deep-pockets investor also known as “Google”. What is Phoning Home “Phoning home” is a secret or background internet communications activity whereby data from your computer is sent to the computers of a company who develops [...]

Google Spyware – Mozilla Firefox

Now we have discovered that by using Mozilla Firefox as our current browser of choice, we have been unknowingly sending Google all of our search queries. Google calls this practice the “auto suggest” feature in the Mozilla search bar and defends the practice as a way to “help” the user. Great! We do not have [...]

Google Safe Browsing Slows Firefox While Feeding the Tiger

Just upgraded to Mozilla Firefox version 3.0.5. Not sure if that is the latest version or not. This post is not about that. This post is about Firefox silently using Google’s Safe Browsing technology. I do not specifically remember the installation process, but I am pretty sure that Firefox enabled both “Tell me if the [...]