Web Host Go Daddy Launches Mobile Website Building Tool

November 15, 2012 — Web hosting provider Go Daddy added a mobile component to its Go Daddy Website Builder on Thursday, adding that customers who have already built sites using the tool will have their sites automatically optimized for mobile devices….

Google Introduces Latitude, Friends Tracking Software

Earlier today, Google announced in its official blog “Latitude”, a new feature for Google Maps on mobile devices and iGoogle gadget that allows users to easily display the approximate location of friends and other contacts that have accepted to share their location. (7 hours ago)

Qualcomm COO to Run Motorola’s Handset Biz

Motorola named Sanjay Jha, Qualcomm’s former chief operating officer, to head its loss making mobile devices business and become co-chief executive with Greg Brown, the company said on Monday. (8 mins ago)

New Media for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Here is a list of new media inspired by the wikipedia: Mashup (web application hybrid) Internet Art Video games virtual worlds CD-ROMs Software Web sites including brochureware blogs wikis Email and attachments Electronic kiosks Interactive television Mobile devices Podcasting Hypertext fiction Graphical User Interfaces We would add “social media” sites like digg, myspace, facebook to [...]