Microsoft Trying to Keep Quiet about their Search Engine Problems

Microsoft Search Live has dropped many quality sites from their index. We are observing many webmaster reports of sites dropping from Microsoft Live which is very bad news for the Microsoft search engine as they try to take on Google. We trust that our site and the ones we manage will get back into the [...]

Microsoft’s Prototype Path to Search Engine Dominance

Google is well known as a “lab” or intelligence center where their army of PHds are said to have a “research mentality” and tightly focused on experimenting with new technologies. But being a leader in any field comes with a price. You get bogged down and constrained in your attempts at deploying new new technology [...]

Doctor: Heal Thyself – SEO Blog Freshbot Vanishes from Microsoft Search Live

We checked our site on MSN and noticed that lo and behold the freshbot had been dropped as well. What irony! The utter horror! To be a search engine optimization practitioner and lose rankings is just awful. Well, probably not really all that bad. Well honestly, MSN is one of the weakest search engines around [...]

MSNbot indexing and crawling is broken

Many sites have been dropped from the Microsoft Search Network (MSN) index. A quick check of logs reveals that the MSN bot is not even crawling pages of websites since early October. By the way, MSN is now called Microsoft Search Live.