Dropbox Is Live and Linux-Friendly

Dropbox, one of the many file-synchronization and online-backup combo tools to debut this year is finally ready for the masses to sign up; no more invite required. (3 hours ago)

Intel Hyper-Threading (HT) Technology

Hyper-Threading Technology (HT) enables Intel Xeon multiprocessor servers to operate as if they had twice as many processors installed. HT Technology allows a single Central Processing Unit (CPU) to process two independent sets of instructions (or threads) at the same time. To find out if your processor support hyperthreading, run this Linux command: cat /proc/cpuinfo [...]

Configuring Linux for Multi-processors

Multi-processor computing invovles a computer with more than one CPU. To enable a multi-processor computer with Linux, the Linux kernel should be compiled with Symmetric MultiProcessing (SMP) enabled.


CentOS is a freely available Linux distribution which is based on Red Hat’s commercial Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) product. Source: Wikipedia