Why Amazon's experiments with an editorial staff in the 90s are good news for the Washington Post

Jeff Bezos just bought the post. Here's why its journalists shouldn't be worried.

Vagina: A New Biography? by Naomi Wolf

Once upon a time, journalists were discouraged from mentioning genitalia in print. If you wanted to do so, you needed a compelling reason, and about 300 editors had to sign off on it. Meetings would be held. Layers of bureaucracy would be invoked. Styl…

Ojr: The Online Journalism Review

We’ve talked often on this site over the past 12 months about what online journalists (and journalism entrepreneurs!) should be doing to both prepare themselves for the changes coming to our field, as well as to take advantage of the changes already here. (50 mins ago)

Marketwire and PRWeek Host Free Webcast on the New Rules of Media Relations

PR Professionals to Learn Best Practices for Working With Journalists in Today’s Changing Media Environment (23 mins ago)

Apple Invites Journalists to Notebook Launch

Apple has invited journalists to a press conference on Oct. 14, where new MacBooks are expected to be unveiled. (1 hour ago)

East Asia Experts Discuss China’s Media Dynamics at Feb. 12 Think Tank

The Society of Professional Journalists continues its innovative Journalism Education Series with a think tank dedicated to helping public relations professionals and journalists understand the cataclysmic forces behind news dissemination in the Far East so they can more effectively navigate its complex media environment. (2 days ago)