Deconstructing Facebook

Since 1948 Alaska Litho has been primarily a print shop, that is, until Jenny Fremlin joined the team. Fremlin has a bachelor's degree in journalism and mass communication as well as a masters and a doctorate in media psychology.

Has Arianna Huffington Figured Out the Future?

The Huffington Post may have figured out the future of journalism. But it’s going to be a very difficult future. (15 hours ago)

Ojr: The Online Journalism Review

We’ve talked often on this site over the past 12 months about what online journalists (and journalism entrepreneurs!) should be doing to both prepare themselves for the changes coming to our field, as well as to take advantage of the changes already here. (50 mins ago)

Ojr: The Online Journalism Review

Google CEO Eric Schmidt has tauntingly suggested that newspapers could keep their stories out of the search engine’s omnivorous maw by the simple expedient of inserting a line of anti-spidering robot text. (3 hours ago)

East Asia Experts Discuss China’s Media Dynamics at Feb. 12 Think Tank

The Society of Professional Journalists continues its innovative Journalism Education Series with a think tank dedicated to helping public relations professionals and journalists understand the cataclysmic forces behind news dissemination in the Far East so they can more effectively navigate its complex media environment. (2 days ago)