Made $40K Ridesharing with Uber & Lyft – Tell All – Nothing Held Back

Here’s the deal… A guy driving around in his car decides to call his friend. The driver has a brief conversation with his friend about all the stories he has been hearing about the extra cash the friend has been making. Anyway, the guy driving the car decides to go visit his once broke, now [...]

Carol Bartz Appointed as the New Yahoo CEO

After a long series of interviews, Carol Bartz has recently been appointed as the new Yahoo CEO; however, the details of her very generous salary figures reputed too high considering the bad moment for both the company together with her very first comments made the company shares drop significantly in the last few hours. (4 hours ago)

CONVERSATIONS WITH A CEO: Office-furniture demand an economic gauge

First in a series of interviews with North County chief executives. (9 hours ago)