How Can I Upgrade My Space for Free or on the Cheap with the Hard Drive Price Surge? [Ask Lifehacker]

Asklifehacker Dear Lifehacker, The cost of hard drives are still rising like crazy. Is there any way I can still buy them for a reasonable price? Or are there any other ways I can upgrade my storage cheaply or even for free? More »

Google Forced User Tracking through JavaScript and the “fp=” query string

We recently wrote an article about Google Spyware and are following up. In the Google Spyware article we discussed Mozilla Firefox “phoning home” to their rich benefactor, Google. While Google does not call the practice “phoning home”, Google defends the practice as a way to “help” the user. For some time now (and probably more [...]

Compare SATA vs SCSI

SATA’s architecture wins hand-down over bus architectures such as SCSI. SATA provides a unique cable for connectivity to each drive. Plus, you can live with a cable failure in a SATA array by using a suitable RAID. The same is not true with a multi-target bus. Source TigerDirect So it would seem that SATA plus [...]

SCSI for Fast Disk Access

Small Computer System Interface (SCSI) is a set of standards for physically connecting and transferring data between computers and peripheral devices. Reference Wikipedia SCSI interfaces provide for faster data transmission rates (up to 80 megabytes per second) than standard serial and parallel ports. In addition, you can attach many devices to a single SCSI port, [...]

Dedicated Server Upgrade Considerations

A list of dedicated server upgrade considerations How do different processors compare in terms of CPU speed, available cache and overall quality? What server management package is included in the package? What is the pricing for more or less hard drives? What is the process for transferring IP addresses? What type of help will support [...]

Advanced Drive Controllers including SAS/SATA RAID

Basic information about SATA and RAID