How Can I Upgrade My Space for Free or on the Cheap with the Hard Drive Price Surge? [Ask Lifehacker]

Asklifehacker Dear Lifehacker, The cost of hard drives are still rising like crazy. Is there any way I can still buy them for a reasonable price? Or are there any other ways I can upgrade my storage cheaply or even for free? More »

HubPages for traffic building

Note: We no longer recommend HubPages. Use Squidoo instead. HubPages are a free hosting service for your article or your landing page (i.e. single page). The developers of HubPages claim that you can do the following: Publish Easily: Publish online with easy to use, non-techie tools Get Traffic: Be widely read thanks to a large, [...]

Rumored Google GDrive Tries to Make the PC Useless

A much rumored about Google project named “GDrive”, a virtual hard drive that would allow users to easily store a vast quantity of data on the net, is said to be potentially able to revolutionize the world of personal computers of today, but many skeptics doubt the project has any real chance of doing so. (5 hours ago)

SCSI benefits

The main benefit of SCSI for a dedicated server is its ability to allow multiple accesses to data on the hard drive. Typically by multiple users for multiple applications. One possible solution for resolving dedicated server load (as evidenced by high IOWAIT CPU usage) is to configure additional SCSI drives and then balance disk I/O [...]