HubPages for traffic building

Note: We no longer recommend HubPages. Use Squidoo instead. HubPages are a free hosting service for your article or your landing page (i.e. single page). The developers of HubPages claim that you can do the following: Publish Easily: Publish online with easy to use, non-techie tools Get Traffic: Be widely read thanks to a large, [...]

Mozilla Prefetch and Google Search Results

If you browse the web with Mozilla Firefox and search a phrase or keyword from Google, be aware that Google prefetches the first Google result. This has privacy implications and/or can be used for affiliate cookie stuffing by Google and/or others. Here is more information from Mozilla: Along with the referral and URL-following implications already [...]

Cybercriminals use fake search engines to spread malware

Security researchers say fake search engines are showing up in Google search results and lead to Web sites hosting malware. (6 hours ago)

FTC Investigates on Ties Between Google and Apple Executives

The Federal Trade Commission is reportedly carrying an investigation on the role of Google CEO Eric Schmidt and former Genentech CEO Arthur Levinson, who currently seat at the boards of both Apple, Inc. and Google. The FTC is investigating whether this behavior constitutes a breach of an antitrust law according to which directors are prohibited to serve on two competing companies. (8 hours ago)

Shop makes Google work for it

The modern-day fairy tale of selling designer children’s clothes begins and ends in the kingdom of Google. (1 hour ago)

Google Forced User Tracking through JavaScript and the “fp=” query string

We recently wrote an article about Google Spyware and are following up. In the Google Spyware article we discussed Mozilla Firefox “phoning home” to their rich benefactor, Google. While Google does not call the practice “phoning home”, Google defends the practice as a way to “help” the user. For some time now (and probably more [...]

Google Introduces Personal Profiles to be Shown on Name Searches

Google has recently announced on its main blog it wishes to offer its users the ability to personalize the results page for their own name by displaying profiles, in a move that some analysts think could end up rivaling with Facebook or other popular networking websites. (10 hours ago)

Video Search Engine Marketing Expert Gregory Markel to Speak at ADSPACE

SAN FRANCISCO—-Gregory Markel, Founder and President of Infuse Creative, will be drawing upon his years of video search engine marketing and optimization experience with a focus on how videos can generate publisher revenue using Google AdSense at the 2009 ADSPACE conference and expo in the Moscone Center West on Wednesday, April 22. (7 hours ago)

Internet Archive Requests Book Copyright Indemnity

The Internet Archive, best known for its website archive “the Wayback Machine”, stated it is concerned that the settlement reached by Google and the Authors Guild for Book Search will give its own non-profit online library effort a competitive disadvantage and has informed a federal judge that it would like to be covered by same the copyright liability protection that Google enjoys. (9 hours ago)

Google Receives Mixed Reaction to Q1 Earnings Report

Today, Google’s shares rose slightly as the search company’s first quarter earnings figures revealed to be better than expected and comScore released preliminary figures for the US search market for the month of March that saw Google further raise its share in the search engine market. (8 hours ago)