How to Optimize Google Search Results for Pictures as Well as Words

SEO is not just about what is written. An SEO strategy for images is important for promoting, and protecting, your brand.

5 Ways Google Is Changing Seo

What can online-marketing professionals learn about future best practices by studying the search giant’s present pattern of changes?

This Google Search For 'coconut Flour' Shows Why Amazon Needed To Make A Smartphone

Coconut flour is a good example of the billions of dollars at stake.

App Developers Aren't Using This Simple Trick That Gets You To The Top Of The App Store

Developers are ignoring tactics that make apps more easily discovered, particularly on the web: deep linking and Google app search.

Google Exec Hunting For 'scraper' Sites Is Reminded That Google Is A Scraper Site

Yesterday, he got a taste of his own medicine. Here is how it went down.

Weight Loss Niche Heavily Spammed by SEO Companies

Google calls many of these sites thin affiliate sites. Sites which offer very little in the way of content or value to the reader. You will see them advertising their lose weight fast products and services. Here are some videos walnut creek laser lipo walnut creek laser lipo walnut creek lipo laser walnut creek lipo [...]

Google Slap: A Rant by Somebody Who Should Know Better

The thing about Google is that they will abruptly remove your site from the Google index for apparently no reason. All of a sudden your site is attracting more interest amongst visitors and maybe even some buyers. You invest your hard earned money into producing unique content and you may even syndicate that content on [...]

Contact Form 7 submission successful but no email

As I mentioned in my previous message, I’m using Google’s free email service in my case. I had a feeling the server was only sending the mail locally, since mail to addresses outside the domain worked, but mail to addresses in the domain were not received via Google’s interface. I logged into the server control [...]

Google Sends Three Representatives to Visit With Windy City Strategies Team

ALGONQUIN, IL–(Marketwire – Mar 1, 2013) – Google Inc. recently sent three Google representatives to visit the Windy City Strategies team to talk about our strategic partnership and exciting new marketing opportunities being launched that would be ben…

What Does Facebook Graph Search Mean For Seo?

Facebook has dominated the conversation in the tech world this week , but especially because of its unveiling of Graph Search. We’ve been waiting for years for Facebook to get into search? and take on Google,? and we