Google Slap: A Rant by Somebody Who Should Know Better

The thing about Google is that they will abruptly remove your site from the Google index for apparently no reason. All of a sudden your site is attracting more interest amongst visitors and maybe even some buyers. You invest your hard earned money into producing unique content and you may even syndicate that content on [...]

Google Gives Presentation On Search Engine Optimization

The Google Grants Blog posted that they have given a presentation in their D.C. office on search engine optimization. The presentation was to help educate a group of issue campaign managers? on the principles of SEO. (21 hours ago)

Google Forced User Tracking through JavaScript and the “fp=” query string

We recently wrote an article about Google Spyware and are following up. In the Google Spyware article we discussed Mozilla Firefox “phoning home” to their rich benefactor, Google. While Google does not call the practice “phoning home”, Google defends the practice as a way to “help” the user. For some time now (and probably more [...]

Did you mean – Top 2 results shown (Google)

Google delivers yet another new feature where users type a keyword into they Google search engine and Google returns editorial (i.e. “suggested”) content.

Google Introduces Advertisement in its Suggest Feature

In order to improve online advertising revenue Google Suggest, the search engine’s tool that is able to list the most likely user searches through a drop-down menu only given the first characters of a query, is now featuring sponsored links among its suggestions. (59 mins ago)

Google’s Stake in Search Engine Optimization

PC World – Companies that provide services for improving Web sites’ search-engine rankings and running effective search-engine ad campaigns have a new competitor: Google. (12 hours ago)

Google Trademark Filings for Search Engine Optimization

As search engine optimization practitioners and consultants, we spend a lot of time reading very dry but illuminating trademark filings. We have uncovered the following that has helped expand our view of the techniques search engines like Google are using to increase relevancy and combat search engine spam: An information retrieval system indexes documents in [...]

Google's Search Engine Smack Down

Google's Search Engine Smack Down… In search engine optimization parlance, the automaker created a "doorway page." That's considered to be bad manners in the world of search engines, as they can …

Google Blacklists BMW From Search Engine

Google Blacklists BMW From Search Engine… the technique that artificially boosts its search engine rating … lowers on Google search results … The practice known as optimization is commonly used by …