GoDaddy and Wild West Domains Latest Big Company Seduced by Google Recaptcha

Google’s Recaptcha service is taking the Internet by storm. The Google Recaptcha service has been around from some time and has been used extensively on small budget websites. Over the years, minor players without a development budget have downloaded the free libraries from Google and helped manage automated logins. While we do not agree with [...]

Godaddy Can Suck It! Hostgator Offers 99% Off Coupon!

It’s no secret that GoDaddy and I are not the best of friends . It seems I’m not the only one GoDaddy has pissed off. Yesterday, GoDaddy went down for several hours, and took millions of sites wi th it.

Tech Community Lashes Out at GoDaddy Over SOPA Support

Boycott effort grows as consumers and businesses threaten to switch domain hosting services unless GoDaddy drops support for legislation.