What Happens When You Tattoo a Website Ad on Your Face’And That Website Goes Out of Business [Wtf]

Wtf Back in the halcyon days of the dotcom boom, we did a lot of crazy things. We spent millions of dollars on extravagant nerd parties. We lavished mountains of funding and cocaine on startups selling diapers to puppies. And, eventually, we skinvertis…

HostPapa Puts a Strange Face on Hosting with Human Billboard Ad Campaign

April 12, 2012 — Web hosting provider HostPapa announced on Thursday that it has launched a rather kooky ad campaign where it will sponsor two men who will wear the HostPapa logo painted on their faces all day on Friday.

How A Fresh Corporate Identity Design Can Change The Face Of Your Business

A company’s logo is an essential part of marketing and, often, it can mean the difference between being remembered and being forgotten. (3 hours ago)

Runa Helps Merchants Increase Visitor-to-sale Conversion

In e-commerce there are a number of concerns for merchants. One challenge that all merchants face is figuring out how to increase site conversion that is how to convert your site visitor into a paying customer. (20 mins ago)

M86 Security Issues Predictions 2010 Report Which Outlines Challenges Security Professionals Will Face in Coming Year

ORANGE, Calif.—-M86 Security, a leading global provider of Web and messaging security products, today released Predictions 2010, a report on its expectations for Web and messaging-based threats for the coming year. (2 hours ago)

Is Your Internet Marketing Company Doing A Good Job?

Let’s face it; there are plenty of Internet Marketing companies and self-proclaimed SEO experts in the online industry. They put up catchy advertisements regarding their skills to improve your ranking, as well as showcasing their clients and services to attraction the online masses to invest. (12 hours ago)

Landrush’ in B.C.: New Top-Level Domain Registration Changes Face of the Web, Communication

The new “.tel” top-level domain is more than a simple Internet address. Introducing additional functionality, business and professional users with .tel domain names will have all their contact data stored within the domain name server system. (2 hours ago)