Search Engine Optimization Experts to Teach SEO Training Class After Search Engine Strategies London Conference

Search engine optimization experts, Greg Jarboe of SEO-PR and Amanda Watlington of Searching for Profit, will teach an SEO training class after this week’s Search Engine Strategies conference in London. Their Optimizing for Universal Search workshop will be held on Friday, Feb. 22, 2008, at the Business Design Centre in Islington. (45 mins ago)

Google Trademark Filings for Search Engine Optimization

As search engine optimization practitioners and consultants, we spend a lot of time reading very dry but illuminating trademark filings. We have uncovered the following that has helped expand our view of the techniques search engines like Google are using to increase relevancy and combat search engine spam: An information retrieval system indexes documents in [...]

Barack Obama Web Site Success Secrets

[] Barack Obama, US Presidential Candidate for 2008, will win because he knows SEO — Search Engine Optimization that is. Click Here What is Search Engine Optimization SEO, for the uninitiated, is a set of techniques which can be used to achieve higher rankings on search engines like Google. The key to SEO is have [...]

New Media for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Here is a list of new media inspired by the wikipedia: Mashup (web application hybrid) Internet Art Video games virtual worlds CD-ROMs Software Web sites including brochureware blogs wikis Email and attachments Electronic kiosks Interactive television Mobile devices Podcasting Hypertext fiction Graphical User Interfaces We would add “social media” sites like digg, myspace, facebook to [...]

Which SEO technique is more valuable?

Often we read in popular Search Engine Optimization forums a line of questioning that goes something like this: I heard that technique X has great SEO benefits. I also heard that technique Y also has great SEO benefits. Which one should we try? Usually if you keep reading, you will find strong arguments in favor [...]

Learn Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Quickly

Webmasters can easily spend too much time researching how to learn search engine optimization, but the best advice available for aspiring webmasters and old pros alike, is to avoid reading too many Search Engine Optimization forums and SEO blogs (except The best way to learn SEO is by doing. Search Engine Optimization is about [...]

Intro – High Rankings Search Engine Optimization Forum

Search this forum only? On the side, I take care of our website. We’re a small business, no employees right now though we have in the past. My husband does the rest, but when it gets busy the whole family troops down to the store every day to do the packing and shipping for him. (9 hours ago)

Seo / Sem Resouces

As an education-oriented company, High Rankings offers a number of search marketing resources to the community. Learn more about SEO and SEM through our SEO FAQ, search engine optimization articles, our search marketing glossary and the High Rankings Search Engine Optimization Forum. (3 hours ago)

What Is Seo Knowledge For?

The art of Search Engine Optimization or SEO is viewed as the process of increasing the amount of visitors or online traffic, to a Web site by letting it rank high in the search results of a search engine. (12 hours ago)


Good design practices for any website including search engine optimized websites call for separating the website content from the presentation method. The Extensible HyperText Markup Language (XHTML) is a markup language that has the same capabilities as HTML, but also conforms to XML syntax. As a successor to HTML, XHTML may be considered as the [...]