App Developers Aren't Using This Simple Trick That Gets You To The Top Of The App Store

Developers are ignoring tactics that make apps more easily discovered, particularly on the web: deep linking and Google app search.

Squidoo for traffic building

Squidoo is a free host for your single page article or landing page. The developers of Squidoo claim that they give you a simple, powerful way to create “lenses” for topics that you care about the most. Squidoo is currently known as a good way of getting traffic to you website. Here is an example [...]

HubPages for traffic building

Note: We no longer recommend HubPages. Use Squidoo instead. HubPages are a free hosting service for your article or your landing page (i.e. single page). The developers of HubPages claim that you can do the following: Publish Easily: Publish online with easy to use, non-techie tools Get Traffic: Be widely read thanks to a large, [...]

Microsoft cites design updates as economic booster

Rather than being a time for retreat, the current tough economy presents an opportunity for designers to shine, a Microsoft official stressed Wednesday at the company’s Mix09 conference for software designers and developers. (7 hours ago)

Google Now Allows Paid Android Apps

Last Friday, Google announced on its Android Developers blog that “Android Market”, Google’s own repository of online applications for smartphones that run on the Android platform, is now allowing organizations to charge money for their software, in an attempt by the Mountain View, Calif.-based search engine to attract a growing number of developers to write more applications for the platform. (9 hours ago)

DiskSync FAQ

Q: What is DiskSync? A: DiskSync is an automated disk-to-disk data recovery and protection solution that allows users to backup data to a remote server over an existing network connection. The developers of DiskSync claim that their backup solution is automated and replaces traditional tape backup systems.