Hot Deal Get $100 Off Hostgator Dedicated Servers

My friends over at HostGator (they’re the ones who hosts this blog) is hosting a sale on their dedicated servers. For a limit time, HostGator is giving $? off first month on any Windows dedicated servers . That means you can get your own dedicated serv…

SCSI benefits

The main benefit of SCSI for a dedicated server is its ability to allow multiple accesses to data on the hard drive. Typically by multiple users for multiple applications. One possible solution for resolving dedicated server load (as evidenced by high IOWAIT CPU usage) is to configure additional SCSI drives and then balance disk I/O [...]

Block Internet Traffic by Country

It may be difficult at times to focus on content development and link building when you and your staff are frequently distracted fighting spammers, hackers and content thieves. As a matter of principal, you want to allow anyone in the world to view your website content. However you will likely reach a point when your [...]

Dedicated Server Upgrade Considerations

A list of dedicated server upgrade considerations How do different processors compare in terms of CPU speed, available cache and overall quality? What server management package is included in the package? What is the pricing for more or less hard drives? What is the process for transferring IP addresses? What type of help will support [...]

Search Engine Optimization and Dedicated Server Management

Search Engine Optimization leads to the need for dedicated server management