T-Mobile Deploys Link Condoms and Dumbs Down with Phone Only Customer Support

T-mobile is now using some type of ridiculous “spam guard” service for text messages that we are receiving on our phone. Links are now about three times longer than a normal URL. They include these ugly, unreadable codes that raise all types of privacy and security issues. All the while, T-Mobile remains oblivious. Perhaps even [...]

HostGator has the Best Online Support

In the web hosting industry the competition is fierce, however when it comes to customer support and growth, HostGator is at the top of t he industry . Over the years I’ve been with a ton of different web hosting companies and even e nded up with my ow…

HostGator Wins Web Host of the Year from Joomla Hosting Reviews

Each year Joomla Hosting Reviews reviews and ranks Web hosting companies based on customer reviews, technical support, hosting plans & pricing. Hostgator was the clear winner for 2011.