Increase Ppc & Seo Conversion With Email Nurture

With the costs of pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimization efforts rising, the emphasis of a small business online marketing campaign will increasingly turn to conversion. Email is the most effective nurturing mechanism by far.

The 12 Days of Holiday Revenue Maximization for Your Online Store

Scott Smigler is founder and president of Exclusive Concepts, Inc. , the leading Internet marketing company specializing in small to mid-sized online retailers. Services include advanced search engine optimization services , profitable PPC marketing , scientific conversion testing , and more. Coremetrics data shows that online? (2 hours ago)

Ulla Popken Selects MarketLive for New eCommerce Website

New Site to Drive Conversion Rates With Built-In Apparel Market Best Practices for eCommerce and Integrated Intelligent Marketing and Merchandising Features (2 hours ago)

Runa Helps Merchants Increase Visitor-to-sale Conversion

In e-commerce there are a number of concerns for merchants. One challenge that all merchants face is figuring out how to increase site conversion that is how to convert your site visitor into a paying customer. (20 mins ago)

AOL Engine Tops Search Conversion Rates on Ecommerce Sites

AOL Engine Tops Search Conversion Rates on Ecommerce Sites… likely higher than industry averages because the sample sites are using best-of-class web analytics to improve their search engine marketing and optimization. …