eCommerce sites urged to clean up content before Google’s Panda? goes global

Hot at its heels of an algorithm update to combat duplicate content last month, Google has followed up with Panda?, another algorithm change that hits purveyors of low quality content.? (6 hours ago)

Keywords: Web Page Monitoring

Here are some keywords for web page change monitoring and HTML differencing engines such as ChangeDetect: viewing changes web tracking viewing changes efficient implementation htmldiff heaviest common subsequence common subsequence problem html parser vo algorithm hcs algorithm web pages side by side html parser line matching algorithm starting tag ending longest common subsequence content starting [...]

Google Spam Detection Algorithm

For internet promotion in search engines like Google, do not over do it. Some spam pages are documents that have little if any meaningful content, but instead comprise collections of popular words and phrases, often hundreds or even thousands of them; these pages are sometime called “keyword stuffing pages.” Others include specific words and phrases [...]

Google close to AOL deal

Google close to AOL deal… does not mean that Google will change adjust its ranking algorithm to boost AOL rankings — and Google is already giving search engine optimization advice to …

Why Writing Articles Is Much Better Than Search Engine …

Why Writing Articles Is Much Better Than Search Engine …… Why Writing Articles Is Much Better Than Search Engine Optimization. … Search Engine Optimization Is For Experts, Articles Don't Have Changing Algorithm. …

Beat Google’s Dampening Link Filter with SEO Articles

Writing and distributing well crafted articles increase links back to your site. Everybody wins including the reader who gets educated about a particular topic, the website that publishes the article drives traffic to his site and the author also gains credibility and traffic to his site as well.