Solution makes global SEO an option

For just over a year, experts have been issuing notes to publishers and advertisers that they needed a global platform. Translated content, logos and messages have been touted as a huge benefit for brands, but many brands haven’t figured out exactly ho…

CORRECTING and REPLACING New Enterprise Software Makes Advertisers’ Websites Mobile-Friendly in 30 Days

SAN DIEGO—-The name of the new solution should read: Mobile Site Optimizer . (36 mins ago)

BlueFreeway sets up social networking platform

Digital marketing company BlueFreeway last week opened its professional social networking platform to marketers, publishers and advertisers in Thailand. (5 hours ago)

Google Spam Detection Algorithm

For internet promotion in search engines like Google, do not over do it. Some spam pages are documents that have little if any meaningful content, but instead comprise collections of popular words and phrases, often hundreds or even thousands of them; these pages are sometime called “keyword stuffing pages.” Others include specific words and phrases [...]