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Weight Loss Niche Heavily Spammed by SEO Companies

Google calls many of these sites thin affiliate sites. Sites which offer very little in the way of content or value to the reader. You will see them advertising their lose weight fast products and services. Here are some videos walnut creek laser lipo walnut creek laser lipo walnut creek lipo laser walnut creek lipo [...]

Google Slap: A Rant by Somebody Who Should Know Better

The thing about Google is that they will abruptly remove your site from the Google index for apparently no reason. All of a sudden your site is attracting more interest amongst visitors and maybe even some buyers. You invest your hard earned money into producing unique content and you may even syndicate that content on [...]

Why search engine optimisation is doomed

Advocates building quality content and only a few quality inbound links as the way to search engine optimization.

Website Promotion: 10 Search Engine Optimization Blunders to Avoid

A log can go wrong when designing search engine friendly websites. Avoid these common mistakes when doing your own search engine optimization.