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Ten Myths About Social Networking For Business

I am an online marketer with a 7-year track record helping companies meet operational and profit objectives by finding their prospects and brand advocates on search engines and social media. (6 hours ago)

A SEO package to help build your online business

What do we offer in websites that improve SEO? Our website packages allow you to feature your business with a customizable webpage built with the latest search engine optimization tools. Through these SEO tools, as well as coupons and special deals an…

Increase Revenue with Infolinks and Amazon Affiliates

This search engine optimization article will teach you how to increase revenue using Infolinks and Amazon affiliates. (59 mins ago)

Cheers! It’s International Beer Day

It’s International Beer Day, as if anyone needed an excuse to grab a cold one. Bottom’s up! (10 hours ago)

For Car Dealers, Facebook Draws Fans, but Not Sales

Who "likes" a car dealership on Facebook? Well, 415 people do, according to Millevoi Bros. Auto Sales & Service’s fan page. Mark Millevoi, the owner of the dealership in Northeast Philadelphia, joined the 750-million-member social media site in hopes that it would help sales. (2 hours ago)

For car dealers, Facebook draws fans, but not sales

Who "likes" a car dealership on Facebook? Well, 415 people do, according to Millevoi Bros. Auto Sales & Service’s fan page. (17 mins ago)

New social media raising Jolly Roger for Pirates

Pirates second baseman Neil Walker needed some advice. Walker wanted to enjoy his off day fishing in late May after the Pirates took two of three from the Tigers, including a victory on his bobblehead night. He was trying to find a good spot to cast hi…

Google bulks up on patents, acquiring 1,000+ from IBM

Google Inc., facing a growing threat of intellectual-property lawsuits, acquired a batch of patents this month from International Business Machines Corp. to bolster its portfolio. (16 mins ago)

Purchasing an Established Website vs. Starting From Scratch

The following is an excerpt from Flip This Web Site , a new eBook by Zac Johnson on how to make big money buying and selling websites. The book is on sale at 50% off r ight now. But you have until midnight Thursday to take advantage of it. (3 hours ago)

Google’s New Analytics Tools For Tracking Social Media A Welcome Addition To Seo Arsenal

Google+ is out in the open and the company is set to shake up the firm grip Facebook holds in the bid for Social Media Supremacy. Naturally, Google wants to show off how it is doing so far and has released tools to measure results for everyone to see -…