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Ten things to do before writing a business plan

Before writing a business plan, it is best to undertake some research to help you develop the various sections in the plan. Before commencing with your business plan, make sure you understand the sections that are required, the purpose of the various sections, and the objectives of the plan. (1 day ago)

Macworld Conference &

SAN FRANCISCO, BUSINESS WIRE — Macworld Conference & Expo 2008 takes place Jan. 14 through 18 at the Moscone Convention Center in San Francisco, CA. Listed below are profiles from Macworld Conference & Expo 2008 exhibitors. (13 hours ago)

Inside Entrepreneurship: No money, no credit, no staff — but there is help

Susan Schreter offers tips to startup entrepreneurs who feel stuck with no resources. (6 hours ago)

Business Wire Announces Distribution Agreement with CanWest, Canada’s Leading Print, Broadcast and Online Properties

Business Wire today announced a broad-based distribution agreement with CanWest MediaWorks Publications Inc., a part of Canada’s largest and most diversified media company, that will provide its members with extensive reach to Canada’s most influential print, broadcast and online media properties. (14 hours ago)

Putting your Web site at top of list

As Web sites continue to increase in popularity among local small businesses, the reliance upon search-engine ranking seems to be a growing key performance indicator in the effectiveness of this marketing tool. (19 mins ago)

New Media: A Two Way Street With Customers

In my mind, the first question that needed to be asked was, ?What is ‘New Media’?? Being of an older generation I had no idea so decided to bring a group of experts in to help define ?New Media?, and that they did. (31 mins ago)

Magnificent Marketing ? New Trends You Need To Capitalize On

The Internet is your biggest worldwide forum. Internet marketing is a strategy that is used by many businesses, regardless of the industry in which they operate. The Internet allows users to review and buy your products and services no matter where they are located. (8 mins ago)

Acronyms In The Meta Tags & Content

When using acronyms in the title, description tag and in the on-page content, should I use parenthsis or let the acronym stand alone? For example, “we offer search engine optimization services” or “we offer search engine optimization, SEO services”? (1 day ago)

Picking An Seo-friendly Web Designer

As an SEO we get two kinds of sites; those that were designed in the past and where the designer is no longer involved, and the sites where the design is either ongoing or we are working with the web designers from the start. Both of these have their pros and cons as an SEO but there is a clear advantage of one over the other for the client. (3 hours ago)

Data Feeds and Duplicate Content

I?ve been ensuring that each client has unique valuable and professionally edited content whenever possible on the rest of the site, but I?m afraid that if I make the portions of the site that use the semi-public data accessible to the search engines, they will find duplicate information on other sites and my client site would not be indexed. (2 hours ago)