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You're the Boss Blog: Social Media Marketing From A to Z

Maybe you set up a Twitter account, but you have yet to post that first tweet. Maybe you can't remember the last time you updated your Facebook page. Well, now's the time.

Acrolinx 3.0 Delivers Seo Capabilities

Acrolinx announced the upcoming availability of its 3.0 release, which expands Acrolinx's support for Search Engine Optimization .To use Acrolinx for SEO, an author clicks the Acrolinx Check button in their authoring tool or web content management …

SEOmoz, PointRoll acquisitions push boundaries

Two new acquisitions should give brands a better foothold into the Interwebz. SEOmoz has acquired GetListed; the move should provide greater transparency to the online space for local businesses. Meanwhile, PointRoll has acquired Rovion, enabling the f…

Windows 8 Tries Bold New Approach,sells 40 million in first month

Windows 8 Tties bold new approach of single OS from desktop to phones that seems to be paying off with 40 million pieces sold in the first month.

A special session to express solidarity with Syrian

Quot; Thousands of years old Syrian civilisation has been passing through tides and turbulences for centuries threatening its integrity by the western powers. The land of Prophets, peace and seat of one of the oldest civilisations of the world has agai…

Home business follows a new road

Distribution company operates without a warehouse. SOUTH BEND — Jim Caldwell had an opportunity to sell a couple of truckloads of sewer pipe, but at the last minute, after his preparations, the company where he worked in sales decided not to complete …

Want a higher search ranking overnight? Here’s how to do it

Did you know that a quality web video hosted on your site makes the page 50 times more likely to be shown on the first page of Google search results?

Boulder-based Best Organics launches America's Best

Wo weeks ago, the Boulder-based company launched a new product line, called America's Best Organics, featuring three gourmet gift baskets overflowing with artisan foods, organic personal care products and other eco-friendly items all made in the Un…

General Motors Names Search Optics a Turnkey Dealer Marketing Partner

DETROIT — Nov. 16, 2012 : General Motors has named Search Optics, one of the nation's leading automotive digital marketing solutions providers, a turnkey marketing partner for digital marketing initiatives within its dealer base nationwide.

Accenture Awarded Website Modernization Contract from the SEC

ARLINGTON, Va.—-The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has awarded Accenture Federal Services a five-year, $13 million contract for major architectural improvements and redesign of its three public websites.