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Indexing Power of Forums

When comparing a customer forum to a corporate blog, a forum is more of a closed community, where member discussion occurs inside the forum between members. Occasionally members refer to outside content and websites, but typically the discussion is within. Forums are best moderated not managed; a company with a forum can direct an occasional [...]

Google Trademark Filings for Search Engine Optimization

As search engine optimization practitioners and consultants, we spend a lot of time reading very dry but illuminating trademark filings. We have uncovered the following that has helped expand our view of the techniques search engines like Google are using to increase relevancy and combat search engine spam: An information retrieval system indexes documents in [...]

New Media for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Here is a list of new media inspired by the wikipedia: Mashup (web application hybrid) Internet Art Video games virtual worlds CD-ROMs Software Web sites including brochureware blogs wikis Email and attachments Electronic kiosks Interactive television Mobile devices Podcasting Hypertext fiction Graphical User Interfaces We would add “social media” sites like digg, myspace, facebook to [...]