Amazon Now Blocks You From Saving Your Login Password — Amazon Disables Autofill Settings of the Firefox Password Manager

We just reported yesterday on PayPal disabling the autocomplete feature for their login page.

See here.

Now we go to log into our Amazon account and the same such nonsense.

Amazon is interfering with our Firefox browser’s ability to save username and passwords for the Amazon website.


This is getting to be very troubling. Some silly Amazon web designer thinks, hey let’s erect a login gate for the millions of Amazon shoppers. Surely no one will complain. We can ram it down their throats and let them figure out how to remember their passwords.

No warning.

No explanation.

No accountability.

We do not have time to detail all of this, because these companies just do not listen. Or have become so big and powerful that they think they can get away without caring.

We have sent the following message to Amazon:

You have changed your login screen to disallow autocomplete i.e. the remembering of username and password.

We find it very annoying that you would attempt to disable our Firefox browser capability with respect to password management.

This flies in the face of an easy Amazon buying experience.

We have so many passwords to manage and they need to be changed frequently. There is no way we are going to make special accommodations just for Amazon.

We believe that there are many others online who feel the same way as we do.

We hope you reconsider this login page “upgrade” as it will probably not work out for us moving forward.

More online annoyances for web users. If companies like Amazon think that they can exist by actually making it more difficult to buy things online, then they have another thing coming.

We are now rethinking shopping at Amazon as we have been stewing anyway over Amazon’s higher prices. Amazon used to be the low price leader. Not anymore.

They are now probably the most convenient, but this recent change to their login page flies in the face of that.

So if it is not easy to login and buy from Amazon, why bother paying Amazon’s higher prices?

This might just be the thing that pushes us over the edge — away from Amazon for good.

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