Freelancer Dot COM Website Will Not Work Without Info Sharing with Google

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To the Developers of Freelancer:

We have not used Freelancer for some time and are currently making heavy use other websites for sourcing talent.

We logged in today to our Freelancer account only to learn that your website WILL NOT WORK without our agreeing to allow script access to our session.

When we visit any project page, the “Freelancer Bidding” details are BLANK.

All we see is a spinning ball apparently from missing third party hosted Javascript libraries (which we have blocked).

We find it incredibly bizarre that you require information sharing with Google in order to use

It is not a smart design to rely on third party websites in order for one’s own website to work. At this point, the Freelancer website is unusable for us and we doubt that we will be hiring through your platform. It is just easier to go back to one of the other freelancing platforms.

You may be interested to know that we use a browser plugin called NoScript which as of today has 1,735,850 users.

We are part of a increasing number of users who do not have any business dealings with Google and would like to keep it that way.

We would like to request that you make your website usable without any third party dependencies. Google is not trusted by all. And we do not believe that we are the only ones who will not use a website that shares information with Google.

We also read your privacy policy and it does not address this fact and makes it appear that you are not in compliance with your own privacy policy.

Also, we use two other freelance platforms that DO NOT share information with Google in this way.

You really should host your own scripts locally instead of relying on “free candy” from Google, at the expense of your users’ privacy and in the category of lazy software development.


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