Made $40K Ridesharing with Uber & Lyft – Tell All – Nothing Held Back

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Here’s the deal…

A guy driving around in his car decides to call his friend.

The driver has a brief conversation with his friend about all the stories he has been hearing about the extra cash the friend has been making.

Anyway, the guy driving the car decides to go visit his once broke, now flush, friend.

His friend’s name is Kahlil. Don’t snicker, but that name is kinda weird to me. It might be just me, but it seems like “Kahlil” is spelled kinda funny. But let’s not digress.

This is a cool story, so read on…

The backstory (not really detailed in the video) is that Kahlil is now out of debt and instead of being driven out of his mind by creditors, he now drives for dollars — and has paid off all of his debt.

40K rideshare driving

Sweet deal for Mr. Funny name.

But how did Kahlil do this??

Well, Kahlil drives for Uber and Lift, which are two of the biggest ride sharing apps on the planet.

Unless, of course, you live in China.

But that’s a story for another day…

Meanwhile, dude #1 finds out that all you need is a car and a smartphone to make some cash.

And of course, this ridesharing business is not for everybody. This is because you need to pass muster with the ride sharing services.

Like they do not want to find out about you crashing cars and junk.

Speaking of junk, your car does not have to be brand spanking new, but you can not just show up for the ride with a flip phone and a beater!

No, seriously.

Don’t do it. :)

Of course, it would not be a great opportunity to make money unless these ride sharing apps had at least some minimum requirements. For instance, they are not going to let you in on this money program if you are a bad driver!

Would you ride with you? If you did not know you? You must be a reasonable driver.

click here to watch video

Bottom line: Ridesharing is a great money making opportunity. But you have to know the insider tips to do it right.

So the bulk of the how to make money ride sharing video is the interview with the man, the mission, Kahlil. Dude #1 asks Kahlil all kinds of questions about his finances and new job driving.

No, it is not at all awkward at times!

Yet if it is awkward, it is only because how often do you really ask your friends about money?

Would most people tell you the real deal about a gig that pays so well?

Even still, what is clear in the video is that Kahlil knows his stuff. And even better he shows you everything that he does.

And I mean everything.

Kahlil really bares all and he holds nothing back.

I hate superficial interviews and only half the formula for making money videos.

If I am going to spend time out of my day to learn a business, then I want all the information.

And no cheap games.

So this method for how to make money ride sharing is quite refreshing.



So here’s the deal.

The intro video is free. And the detailed video is about twenty bucks, but it is totally worth it if you are even the slightest bit curious about how the ridesharing business really works.

I have to warn you though…

Be prepared to get super pumped over this great money making opportunity.
After watching the video, you will have everything you need to be successful from day one.

Be sure to post a comment after watching the video. I want your feedback. Can you match my humor and wit?

click here to watch video

Well its only funny if you are making real money with a cool ridesharing gig.

Driving is fun.

Getting paid to drive, well that is legendary.

Cruise on, my friend.

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