Message to Fiverr on sharing of Customer Data with Google and Facebook

A message to Fiverr in the same vein as what was posted about ooma.

These companies just do not get it.

So they abdicate important technology decisions to lazy software developers.

Fiverr is not the only one doing this, but this Google grab is getting ridiculous and good companies are falling for it hook, line and sinker.

Why would Fiverr wittingly or unwittingly help Google to gain more data about their customers?

In short, Fiverr can exchange customer data with Google to gain the benefits of free and fully tested web software packaged up nicely in “cloud based” libraries. And then companies that do this can later claim, we did not know we were sharing customer data with Google. All the while they save money on development by taking the Google handout at the customer’s expense.

Want to know why your SEO is no longer working.

All your bases belong to …


I can not log into Fiverr with my browser of choice.

Fiverr has “upgraded” the website since we last logged in. Which has really dumbed things down.

Your website now requires information sharing with Google and Facebook.


By “leveraging” the hosted libraries from third-parties, you are selling out your users.

Do you realize that you are sharing your customer information with these third parties?

We do not do business with Google and much of what we use Fiverr for with respect to online marketing is not something we want disclosed to third parties. Especially Google.

You need to rethink your whole development model in partnership with Google hosted libraries.

And we can not log in using Mozilla Firefox latest.

We like Fiverr services and have been using for a long time, but you now have an unacceptable website which abdicates key parts of your business (software libraries) to third parties, especially Google.

What if Google’s libraries go out of service? Your website like many others will be crippled.

Good luck with that.

And no, I will not be providing more details or give you free consulting.

Figure this out with your lazy development team.

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