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Generating online business leads requires the use of several channels. Even though traditionally overt advertising was the only way online businesses generated leads, being in the center of the digital revolution provides your on-line business the added benefit of being able to use tools like blogging, social networking, online magazines and even other web sites to generate customized online business leads.

If your blog is filled with relevant and legitimate information, the mere insertion of your web site at the bottom of each blog ought to encourage readers to visit your web site to see if they could learn much more about the topic being discussed or do company with you.

lead funnelSocial Networks like Facebook and MySpace are other ways that you are able to generate on-line business leads. A social network like Facebook for example, is free to join and once there, you could turn out to be a component of groups related to your product or service and gradually demonstrate your understanding of the market to them, gain their trust and have them go to your website also.

Permitting other websites to affiliate with yours and enhance their website with relevant content from yours via links is another way to generate online business leads.

LinkedIn groups is where all of the action is happening. Hundreds of leads can be generated every month for your website via LinkedIn groups.

Keep in mind: On LinkedIn you are limited to 50 groups. As a result you would like to join groups which are relevant. Any group that you join that is not relevant – is just a waste of a group! For instance if you are a social media marketer – don’t join groups that are related to social media marketing – simply because everyone in those groups will be more or less just like you. If you are a social media marketer join the groups which are relevant to the clients that you are promoting. If you are promoting medical devices – join groups that are related to medical devices. If you’re promoting medical devices then you will want to join medical device related groups. However I would also suggest that what ever business you are promoting – usually make certain to join at least a few country groups.

Because when most people join LinkedIn they like to join the groups that are related to their country. If you’re attempting to build your network marketing, direct sales or MLM business you have probably already exhausted your warm market (buddies, family, co-workers, who will likely not be inviting you to any future events if you have done this 1 to many times) and are exploring other options for generating leads for your business.

Typically, these lead lists were from defunct MLM businesses that had gone out of business, or from disgruntled ex-reps with enormous downlines who sold their lists to lead brokers for a little profit.

In this day and age of online advertising, you have two options: PPC ( Pay Per Click ) campaigns to generate leads, and buying leads online that have been generated through web sites.

With a PPC campaign, you select a website and pay for a Pay Per Click advertising campaign that generates clicks to a landing page where you have either a form to capture an email address and extra info, or a proposition that you hope the lead will sign up for, either for financial gain or the promise of extra info.

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