Fiesta Online – Free Online Game

Fiesta Online is a new Role Playing Game (RPG) from Outspark.

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Massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) are virtual game worlds where a very large number of players compete and/or cooperate with each other.

Players create fictional characters in a fantasy world.

Fiesta Online is free to download and free to play.

Go ahead and download now and then come back and leave your comments about the installation process and game play.

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Update – June 2, 2011

We no longer recommend Fiesta Online.

Instead we suggest that you try either of the following:

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18 Responses to “Fiesta Online – Free Online Game”

  1. Over all the game is kinda easy to navigate, however the help menu could use some help… like how do you talk to people in the general chat?

    The second quest where you talk to the healer doesn’t seem to lead to anything. All she does is offer items to buy which you can’t buy. A message saying that i can not purchase anymore comes up… So some quests need fixing…

    Graphics are pretty good for a online game. Sometimes it takes multiple clicks for a click to register such as when talking to people.

    Over all its pretty fun and I’ll keep playing to try it out further.

  2. By the way, the installation was.. LONG… about an hour to download and install the program then about another 30 min. of updates after that. A new updated installation pack is greatly needed.

  3. About half hour for download and install. That isn’t bad but, …. every time I thought I was about to get to play more patch showed up. Finally could go into game, movement was a little choppy. Good color. Easy to understand. I will give it a chance to see how I will feel.

  4. I too had a very slow downloading / install experience. Took me over 40 minutes due to download/install speed. Then another 10 minutes to do a lot of patches with the outspark launcher.

    I explored Roumen, unfortunately I didn’t have that much time to play because I had to go to school. The game looks pretty cool and I would like to explore it some more. I did some of the basic features and the tutorial it and it looks pretty neat.

  5. I never got to create a character – after nearly an hour it was still downloading & then it timed out.

  6. The installation was fairly time consuming, it took me over 2 hours to complete. But aside from the time, it was very simple.

    As far as the game, it has simple mechanics and was easy to become accustomed to. The armor and weapon selections are very broad and appealing to the eye. Movement across the world is somewhat slow, even when using a mount, but bearable.

    Overall, I like the game and will be playing it for some time…

  7. The Pando Media Booster seems to be bugged. It keeps on resetting the download after about 1 meg is downloaded and then jumps ahead 3 to 4 megs.

    Like others it took over an hour to install.

    I created a character on the Legel server.

    The game experience is very similar to World of Warcraft, which I enjoy. I do wish I could disable the click to move feature though…

    The best part of Fiesta Online is that it is free.

    My Fiesta Online installation experience: 4 out of 10 stars
    My Fiesta RPG gameplay rating: 9 out of 10 stars

  8. Administrator on April 24th, 2010 at 5:23 am

    We have contacted the developers of Fiesta Online with respect to the feedback on the installation.

  9. Download of the “seed” file was easy; the file itself was a small 1.6MB, very easy for high-speed connections and only moderately cumbersome for DSL and dial-up. The entire download size, 1.113GB, is in keeping with similar MMO games, and much smaller than other well-established MMOs such as Dungeons and Dragons Online.

    In any case, the use of Pando Media Booster significantly aids the download process. Installation was a breeze, defaulting to the generally accepted “C:\Program Files” directory and requiring only three clicks to complete (Next, Next, and Finish).

    Expect the first program launch to download updates and patches using the Outspark Launcher and RTPatch Software Update System; my download post-install required 18 patches for a total of ~187 MB.

    I was never able to fully log in or create a character. When launched, Outspark crashed my Microsoft Intellipoint mouse. The launch screen would appear asking which server I wanted to join; I’d select one with Low population and click the “Join” button, but then the program would crash.

    I run Windows Vista Home edition. A quick reboot didn’t help. I’m disappointed; all web research points to a great MMO but if these glitches I’ve experienced are any indication, it will be difficult for the company to generate a huge following of gamers.

    Best of luck; sadly, I know I won’t be able to play this game, though through no fault of my own.

    Fiesta Installation Review: regrettably negative

  10. Straight forward, simple, and standard for a game install. I like the cool characters you can choose. Easy to fight. Nice range of classes to choose from.

  11. First time i tried to install it the installer got stuck at the download portion — said it was downloading at 56kb/s but the amount downloaded kept bouncing back and forth between 1140kb and 1170kb.

    I waited for about 5 minutes but it stayed at 0%, so i tried again. Same thing happened the second time, except my download rate was around 3000kb/s for the first few moments then switched to 34kb/s and it got to 1191kb before it started to bounce back.

    My third and final try was exactly the same as the first.

    If the installer is fixed i will probably give it a try.

    From what i saw it looks interesting and my friends and i have been looking for something online we could play together.

  12. Fast install. but then there was a way too big update. I think i will be lvl 50 in no time. Fiesta Online is like World of Warcraft – W.o.W but free…

  13. Not sure if some of the previous commenters are on slow connections or what.

    People have to keep in mind that this is full download of a large, complicated MMORPG game.

    So for me, this was one of the faster download and installs that I have done with a MMROPG. From download, install to fully patched 34:17 on my high-speed cable connection from Charter Communications.

    As far as game-play, it is more of a carton style then I expected from some ads that I have seen. Very be very comfortable having my young daughter play it as is.

    Rating 7/10

  14. It took 40 minutes for it to install…once installed and I entered my email and password information to login it…it started yet another set up. Which after running that two times for 10 mins it said that it was installed wrong and I would need to install it again…

    I have never been this frustrated installing any game to my netbook! Thumbs down thats for sure!

  15. Michael Mcateer on May 2nd, 2010 at 9:54 am

    Well I don’t see why the client can’t be a straight download, but I guess the p2p network saves on bandwidth.

    I’m also a little skeptical about giving out my email address. also takes a while to download.

    Yeah so 57 mins in and it’s still downloading…

    My hardrive was too full when I tried the first time, so it closed which was really annoying. then it had to download the p2p again which took like 20 mins both times. so yeah.

    I know that this game is fun, but I honestly had to give up after all the downloading. I guess you need a fast connection or something. Too bad for me, since my internet is so slow…

  16. peter lopez on May 2nd, 2010 at 3:57 pm

    Installation wasn’t seamless. I had to give Windows7 the ok to allow the download and let it run. It did take a while, as the amount of data was rather large (1190MB).

    It also seemed as if the downloader would get stuck in the midst of processing some of the information. The number of Kbs downloaded would cycle backwards for a bit before continuing.

    Definitely not a download that I would recommend over a wireless connection, especially with the risk of a lost connection or slow data transfer rate.

    Again, with the requrement to be online to connect to the game world, I wouldn’t recommend using a wireless connection unless the router had a very powerful signal that was not blocked.

    The gameplay is much smoother than something like, say, Wizard 101. I like the fact that the battles are actively moving, rather than turn based play. It is the way and RPG should be.

    The graphics quality leaves something to be desired, as it appears rather cartoonish. I think this game will appeal to an audience younger than me, perhaps pre-teens and young teens more than it would to older teens and adults.

    Still, the game creators should be commended for the variety of character design options, large scope of the world the game takes place in, and the variety of gameplay scenarios you can find yourself involved in. It’s not just about the fighting. I actually had a tough time deciding which character type to play, but once the decision was made it was a lot of fun…

    Installation : 1/10 stars
    Game Play : 9/10 stars

  17. could not play I have a Macintosh

  18. Rating

    Install: 0/5
    Game Play: 3/5

    Fairly simple but the file is way too big and takes too long to install. Game play is fair…

    Tip: download fiesta the game in 3 min

    Atme Zeum