NewsletterAutomation – Newsletter Distribution Wars

Newsletter Distribution Issues

  1. Newsletter distribution is time consuming and expensive
  2. Large ISPs like AOL, Yahoo and Gmail routinely block or slow down e-mail newsletter delivery
  3. E-mail client applications frequently corrupt or mangle newsletter formatting with invalid markup
  4. If newsletter content gets intercepted by hackers who hijack newsletter content and then forward to unsuspecting subscribers, it is the innocent newsletter publisher who takes the blame

Newsletter Distribution Solution

  • The newsletter update notification service from ChangeDetect – web page monitoring helps newsletter publishers convert e-mail newsletter subscribers to subscribers of the newsletter’s “online edition”

“Every month, I now only have to publish my newsletter online and update my newsletter index which lists my latest newsletter issue and archives. I had previously added the changedetect monitor this page button to the index (took 5 minutes including blog update) and now I have freed myself from the hassle of monthly newsletter publishing. The changedetect tool is free and has saved me hours of newsletter distribution work, each and every month.”

Kill your newsletter
Ditch your newsletter

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