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Kees Vacation Rentals Revenues Up More Than 38%

PASADENA, Calif.—-LeisureLink, Inc., the leading distribution and revenue management platform for specialty lodging suppliers, today highlighted the success of its ongoing relationship with Kees Vacation Rentals. (1 hour ago)

Real Estate Agents Getting Results & Triggering Internet Trend

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.—-Sell a house in 43 days in this market? A statistic like that stuns many home sellers and real estate agents. It’s being done across the country, including in the hardest hit U.S. real estate markets, through the power of Internet, specifically by naming Web sites after the property’s actual street address. (3 mins ago)

Share the Moment and Spread the Wealth

BRAD STONE Any Web site that wants to spread its influence far and wide does so more effectively if readers send on their content to other friends. That is, hitting the “share” button. (5 hours ago)

15-second Business Pitch: Summit Seo Services

Business: Summit SEO Services Number of employees: One Contact: Richard Buchman 4710 Table Mesa Drive, Suite A, Boulder 720-279-4165 summitseoservices. (14 hours ago)

Seo And The Scent Of Information

To truly understand web searcher behavior, many search engine optimization professionals should know how searchers locate and follow the scent of information. (4 hours ago)

SEO Company Launches Government SEO and Reputation Management Services

Dallas-based internet marketing agency SEO 1 Services announces the launch of Government SEO, a new product focusing on SEO services for government agencies from the local, national and international level. (3 hours ago)

Nielsen and Facebook Join Forces

Facebook and The Nielsen Company have just announced today that they will form a multi-year strategic alliance to create new marketing tools. (6 mins to go)

Searchmetrics Partners with OgilvyInteractive Switzerland

BERLIN & ZURICH—-OgilvyInteractive Switzerland, part of the leading global Network for dialogue marketing, interactive and relationship marketing enters into a premium partnership with Searchmetrics, Germanys leading provider of SEO software. (14 mins ago)

CareTech Launches Turn-Key Organic SEO Program to Improve Hospitals’ Search Engine Rankings

CareTech Solutions , an information technology and Web products and services provider for hospitals and health systems, announced today it has launched a turn-key organic search engine optimization program to improve hospitals’ search engine rankings. (2 hours ago)

Avoiding Problems During Implementation Of Search Engine Optimization

There are quite a lot of tips and tricks online that teaches you how to proceed with a successful implementation of Search Engine Optimization . However, it is quite possible that you will encounter some problems with it during implementation — or not getting the desired result even after grueling with its concepts for months. (2 days ago)