How to Make YouTube Videos – Promote your website in 5 easy steps

How to Make YouTube Videos

  1. Make a movie using your cell phone, digital camera or web cam
  2. Edit your movie using Microsoft Movie Maker
  3. Resize your video so that it fits YouTube dimensions
  4. Create your YouTube account
  5. Upload your video to YouTube

Follow the simple steps above and Google is guaranteed to send loads of traffic to your blog or website.

Make YouTube Videos: Free & Easy Guide

These steps are free and easy because:

  • You probably already have a cell phone or digital camera, so there are no additional costs in recording the video content
  • Microsoft Movie Maker is a free software download
  • It is very easy to resize movies using Microsoft Movie Maker
  • YouTube is the second largest search engine and provides free video hosting for promoting your blog or website
  • The only step that could possibly take some thinking is identifying the dozen or so keywords needed for when you upload your video to YouTube. TIP: Just copy keywords from other similar videos or think up your own. You can always add to or change them later.

How to Save Time Making YouTube Videos

If you have more time than money, then read no further and just stick with the steps above.

If you value your time and/or want to do this on a grand scale for many websites or blogs, then we recommend an even quicker way to promote your website. This method is inexpensive and allows you to make YouTube videos in two minutes or less.

We have link builders using this technique and they tell us that this is super easy and even fun. Hey we are paying them, so they must be happy! :)

If you are a SEO professional then creating YouTube videos could very well become your new service offering for your clients.

If you are looking for a way to make money online, then you can set up a very profitable business offering YouTube Video Production as a paid service to local businesses in your area.


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