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Shop makes Google work for it

The modern-day fairy tale of selling designer children’s clothes begins and ends in the kingdom of Google. (1 hour ago)

REGION: Swine flu strikes the Internet marketplace

Faster than a speeding swine flu? That’s how Oceanside car dealer Dean Simon of Olympic Auto Sales pitched a 2007 Chevrolet Monte Carlo in an Internet ad earlier this week: “Swine flu can’t catch this!” (3 hours ago)

Google Forced User Tracking through JavaScript and the “fp=” query string

We recently wrote an article about Google Spyware and are following up. In the Google Spyware article we discussed Mozilla Firefox “phoning home” to their rich benefactor, Google. While Google does not call the practice “phoning home”, Google defends the practice as a way to “help” the user. For some time now (and probably more [...]