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Business at a glance

The Brand Innovation Group won three silver Addy awards in the District 6 Addy competition for work on the Huntington University “Youniversity” recruiting campaign. It was also hired to aid in the rebranding of Regal Beloit Inc.’s motors and capacitors division. (35 mins ago)

Jeff Jarvis: Openness and the Internet: Opportunity Awaits

As our social lives, business, and government become more transparent via the Internet, there are benefits for anyone who wants to create and connect (9 hours ago)

Squidoo for traffic building

Squidoo is a free host for your single page article or landing page. The developers of Squidoo claim that they give you a simple, powerful way to create “lenses” for topics that you care about the most. Squidoo is currently known as a good way of getting traffic to you website. Here is an example [...]

HubPages for traffic building

Note: We no longer recommend HubPages. Use Squidoo instead. HubPages are a free hosting service for your article or your landing page (i.e. single page). The developers of HubPages claim that you can do the following: Publish Easily: Publish online with easy to use, non-techie tools Get Traffic: Be widely read thanks to a large, [...]

Culture of fear creeping into the workplace

If there was such a job as Manager of Fear, it would be a very lucrative position today. (41 mins ago)

Mozilla Prefetch and Google Search Results

If you browse the web with Mozilla Firefox and search a phrase or keyword from Google, be aware that Google prefetches the first Google result. This has privacy implications and/or can be used for affiliate cookie stuffing by Google and/or others. Here is more information from Mozilla: Along with the referral and URL-following implications already [...]

Cybercriminals use fake search engines to spread malware

Security researchers say fake search engines are showing up in Google search results and lead to Web sites hosting malware. (6 hours ago)

FTC Investigates on Ties Between Google and Apple Executives

The Federal Trade Commission is reportedly carrying an investigation on the role of Google CEO Eric Schmidt and former Genentech CEO Arthur Levinson, who currently seat at the boards of both Apple, Inc. and Google. The FTC is investigating whether this behavior constitutes a breach of an antitrust law according to which directors are prohibited to serve on two competing companies. (8 hours ago)

Open Hospitality Drives More Hotel Bookings

Open Hospitality, a global provider of hotel Internet marketing solutions, continues to drive results for hotel clients, even in the face of a challenging travel downturn. By combining their website design capabilities with targeted CRM e-Marketing and Search Engine Optimization, Open Hospitality’s booking engine is delivering more revenue to hotels. (4 mins to go)

Cio Security Predictions: Top Three Trends Affecting Enterprise Risk

Country Manager, Tivoli Software, IBM India/South Asia. Cloud computing, service oriented architecture , and other rapidly emerging technologies are increasing the threats to data governance strategies. (3 hours ago)